DataThresh, Inc., the developer of a leading independent platform of precision ag data tools for farmers, announced the launch of its Farmer Community Forum focused on farmer data topics, at the InfoAg precision ag conference in St. Louis, Mo.

The Farmer Community Forum is a place online where farmers can ask, discuss and learn about data topics from other progressive farmers and invited experts. The Forum is free to farmers.

“The data revolution in agriculture is taking the industry by storm so it is very important for farmers today to stay in the driver’s seat for their farm data. Farmers need to get up to speed quickly on the issues and opportunities with their data. That’s why we created the DataThresh Farmer Community Forum and offer it free,” said Mike Coon, DataThresh founder and sixth generation Iowa farmer.

“It’s just like earlier times in agriculture when independent farmers worked together for threshing,” he added. “Today, it’s data that farmers are threshing, and the need to keep as much of the value of that data on the farm as possible is just as important as it was with grain 100 years ago.”

In the age of social networking, DataThresh is creating a unique independent community where fellow farmers can become knowledgeable about data. Based in Ames, Iowa, DataThresh is developing an independent platform of precision ag data tools to help improve farmer profitability. DataThresh is actively seeking more input from corn and soybean growers to help build independent data tools for independent farmers who believe in owning their own data.

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