Greg House received the Excellence in Education Award by a manager/consultant during the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers annual meeting. The California AFM, ARA spoke about the love of farming and need for more young people to become involved in agricultural occupations.

“I love farming, and I think that is the love we all have,” he said in speaking to the room full of meeting attendees in Phoenix, Ariz. He noted that the average age of a farmer is about 58 years old, his current age, and that new blood has to enter agriculture.

Based on the increasing number of students majoring in agricultural degree programs at many universities, House is encouraged. “There is a ray of hope because there has been a recent increased interest in agriculture,” he said.

He has observed an interest in small-scale niche farming and thinks it is good for America, and he hopes this type of farming can continue along side the large-scale operations.