Later this month APHIS will announce the dates for the Farm Bill Section 10201 fiscal year (FY) 2012 suggestion submission open period. In an effort to make funds available to cooperators as early as possible in 2012, APHIS has decided to reduce the length of the open period to 4 weeks. This change is necessary to ensure that projects can be initiated and funds committed in a responsible manner prior to the end of the fiscal year. It will also ensure ongoing projects that merit continuation in FY12 won’t suffer as a result of lapsed agreements.

To prepare for the FY12 suggestion submission open period, APHIS’ 10201 team has taken a critical look at the language of the Farm Bill taking stock of the projects we’ve funded to date in order to employ a solid decision making process built on sound criteria that fulfills the spirit and intent of Section 10201 of the 2008 Farm Bill.

APHIS is working now to:

• Finalize evaluation criteria with input from the National Plant Board.

• Finalize the Web-based suggestion submission tool and make instructions on its use available to stakeholders.

• Create goal-specific stakeholder guidance to help stakeholders develop successful suggestions.

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