FMC Agricultural Products Group (APG) is introducing Marvel herbicide for soybean growers. This new herbicide provides growers with a “more aggressive tank-mix partner for maximum postemergence control of glyphosate-resistant weeds,” the company claims.

“Glyphosate resistance continues to make weed control more difficult,” said Brent Neuberger, FMC Agricultural Products North America technical service advisor for Marvel herbicide. “Marvel herbicide was designed as a premix to offer a broader spectrum postemergence herbicide that provides growers with an excellent product to fit into their weed management programs.”

With speed and use flexibility, Marvel herbicide controls resistant broadleaves such as waterhemp, palmer pigweed, lambsquarters, morningglory and velvetleaf. Visual control symptoms can be seen in as quickly as 24 hours. This “ideal tank-mix partner” can be used from preplant to full flowering of soybeans.

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