ST. LOUIS, Mo.—We are in the “Decade of the Bean,” according to Monsanto’s Roy Fuchs, global oilseeds technology lead. “When you look back at this decade in 2022, you will see this decade as a transformational decade not only for Monsanto, but our competitors, too,” Fuchs said.

“To date there have been two traits on the market and by 2020 there will probably have been 10 to 12 biotechnology traits and at least that many breeding traits. So, this really is a transformational period for soybeans,” said Fuchs.

Doubling soybean production by 2030 is necessary to provide needed protein to feed the increasing population and improve the diets of developing countries’ populations. There is a necessity to move from 2000 average yields of less than 40 bushels per acre to 80 bushels per acre by 2030, which is Monsanto’s goal.

Fuchs said he sees increasing yields in three ways—biotechnology, breeding and agronomic solutions. Soybean yields will be improved through “a systems approach” using the three platforms.