Dow AgroSciences has unveiled the name of the herbicide component in its Enlist Weed Control System. The product will be known globally as Enlist Duo herbicide, and will be offered as a postemerge product for use over the top of Enlist crops.

Enlist Duo herbicide will offer multiple modes of action through a combination of glyphosate and proprietary Colex-D Technology of a new 2,4-D choline. Not an amine and not an ester, 2,4-D choline will retain the weed control of traditional forms of 2,4-D as well as a favorable environmental profile.

Colex-D Technology, a technology package used in Enlist Duo, is 2,4-D choline, the latest in formulation science and a proprietary manufacturing process. Those components together provide growers new usability benefits for a 2,4-D product, including ultra-low volatility, minimized potential for drift, lower odor and better handling characteristics.

When commercialized, the Enlist Weed Control System will introduce a combination of herbicides and herbicide-tolerant traits in elite germplasm to meet the changing weed-control challenges facing farmers, according to Dow AgroSciences. The new trait and herbicide combination will build upon and improve the glyphosate system, the company contends.

“Enlist Duo herbicide with Colex-D Technology is an integral component of the Enlist system and will offer growers an important tool to prevent and manage tough weeds,” said Damon Palmer, Dow AgroSciences U.S. commercial leader for the Enlist Weed Control System. “It is technology tailored for the grower, and represents another way we’re building on the glyphosate system so growers can continue farming the way they prefer.”

Pending regulatory approvals, the Enlist Weed Control System will be available in corn in the 2013 crop year, followed by soybeans in 2015 and cotton in 2016.

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