Whether they spray professionally or spray just their own acres, applicators know that a clean spray tank alone is no guarantee to preventing cross-contamination and crop injury. Crop injuring residues can build up in hoses, filters, end caps and other nooks where some tank cleaners cannot effectively clean.

Modern sprayers offer a lot of places for buildup to hide,” said Jim Reiss, vice president of Agricultural Chemistries at Precision Laboratories. The company realized this and formulated a product “to attack the residues left behind from complex tank mixes.”  Of course, any product use has to be combined with proper cleanout technique.

This reminder of following necessary tank clean-out technique and cleaning products use comes at a time when sprayers are in the fields and a lot more combinations of pesticides are being applied compared to just a few years ago.  

“There is a lot more to a sprayer system than just the tank,” Reiss said. “Applicators will need to utilize better system cleaning technology and technique to avoid cross-contamination in the future.” His reference is to even more difficult residue to remove and cross contamination that can be expected with new product use registrations, especially with new herbicide labeling.

Erase Spray System Cleaner from Precision Laboratories works throughout the system to penetrate, solubilize and emulsify hard-to-remove residues while protecting equipment with corrosion inhibitors products, the company said. “Erase virtually eliminates the risk of cross-contamination that leads to crop injury complaints, yield loss and a damaged reputation as a professional applicator,” the product announcement noted.

The additional contention is that Erase is an easy to use and economical solution. The use rate is two quarts per 100 gallons of rinse water.

More information about Erase Spray System Cleaner can be found at www.precisionlab.com.