Willowood USA announced that the EPA has approved both it's technical and end-use registrations for Willowood Diuron 4SC and Willowood Diuron 80DF.

Willowood Diuron 4SC is a broad spectrum flowable herbicide used to control a wide variety of annual and perennial broadleaf and grassy weeds in non-crop areas as well as in agricultural crops such as fruit, cotton, sugarcane and legumes. Willowood Diuron 80DF is a dry flowable dispersible granular formulation also used in a wide variety of applications.

"Willowood Diuron 4SC and 80DF expand our non-selective herbicide portfolio" states Brian Heinze, Willowood USA President and CEO. 'Not only are these products used in conventional agriculture for the growing concern of weed resistance management, they are also used in non-cropland areas where we are expanding our product 'footprint' " Heinze went on to say that "We have plans to further expand into the non-cropland vegetation management markets with some more exciting announcements that you will be hearing about in the coming months'.

Willowood USA is a U.S. based manufacturer of post patent crop protection herbicides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, insecticides and spray additive products for the agriculture industry. For more information on the complete line of Willowood USA products, go to www.willowoodusa.com.