Willowood USA announced that the EPA has approved both its technical and end-use registrations for Willowood Propanil 4EC. Willowood Propanil 4EC is a postemergence herbicide used in the control of select grass and broadleaf weeds in rice.

"Willowood Propanil 4EC is an important addition to our growing rice product portfolio" states Andy King, Willowood USA national accounts manager. 'With our successful launch of Willowood Propanil 4SC in the California rice market in 2011, the recent registration of Willowood Propanil 4EC will allow us to expand into the rice growing regions of the MidSouth."

King went on to say that "Not only will Propanil 4EC provide excellent control of key grass and broadleaf weeds such as barnyardgrass, sprangletop and eclipta, it will also serve as an excellent foundation herbicide for many tank mix partners."

Willowood USA is a U.S. based manufacturer of post patent crop protection herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and spray additive products for the agriculture industry.