The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved AgLogic L.L.C’s registration of Meymik 15G, aldicarb pesticide, effective Dec. 22, 2011. The registration will ensure continued availability of aldicarb, as a valuable crop production tool, for pest control on registered crops.

Meymik 15G aldicarb granular pesticide has been approved by EPA for use on cotton, peanuts, sugar beets, dry beans, sweet potatoes, and soybeans to control various labeled insects, mites, and nematodes.

There is no single alternative product on the market, with a performance spectrum comparable to aldicarb. Over 40 years of research and use have demonstrated that aldicarb provides systemic residual control, of more than 75 species of insects and mites, and at least 40 species of plant-parasitic nematodes on registered crops. Through the registration process, EPA has determined that when responsibly used, in strict accordance with label directions, Meymik 15 G will not result in unreasonable adverse effects. It is therefore essential that all label restrictions are strictly followed.

Meymik 15 G is a restricted use pesticide, available for use only to certified professional pesticide applicators and not the general public. AgLogic LLC and MEY Corporation are committed to the careful stewardship, proper handling and responsible use of MEYMIK 15 G, through continuing user education, applicator certification and proactive training at all levels of the channel.

Meymik 15 G will not be available for the imminent 2012 North American growing season, due to the short interval between its regulatory approval and crop planting. Further details regarding availability and volumes for the 2013 season, will be released in the near future.