Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (MBI), a global provider of natural pest management products for the agricultural and water treatment markets, announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved MBI-005, a unique broad-spectrum selective bioherbicide for potential use on a variety of crops, turf and ornamentals. This is the fourth active ingredient that MBI has registered with the EPA.

“We are currently optimizing MBI-005 for a broad range of commercial opportunities in crops, turf and consumer lawn markets,” said MBI Vice President of Biological Research Phyllis Himmel, PhD. “We are particularly excited about the broad-spectrum pre-emergence activity, killing weeds before they inflict costly damage to crops and lawns.”

MBI-005 is a natural product compound produced by a Streptomyces species that kills weeds by halting cellular biosynthesis and division. Field tests have shown that when mixed with leading chemical herbicides, MBI-005 increases their effectiveness, which would allow growers and turf managers to use fewer chemicals and deliver better weed control. Additionally, MBI-005 has shown broad-spectrum pre-emergence activity, killing weeds in the soil as they germinate, as well as selective post-emergence activity on broadleaves and sedges in turf and crops such as wheat, corn and rice. MBI-005 is non-toxic to non-target organisms such as birds, fish and bees.

“This approval is a testament to the skill and expertise of MBI’s research and development team, which for the fourth time has secured EPA approval of an active ingredient for commercial development,” said MBI CEO Pam Marrone. “MBI is rapidly developing