EP Minerals, LLC, announced the launch of AgReady, a new line of all-natural high performance fertilizer carrier products designed specifically to improve agricultural crop production. AgReady is a drying and blending agent for use in fertilizer and nitrogen stabilizers, pesticides, herbicides, micro-nutrients, micorrhizal inoculants and beneficial micro-organisms.

“Our goals are to help farmers maximize their crop production and manage nitrogen runoff problems. AgReady does both really well,” said Wilson Wanene, PhD and Technical Product Specialist with EP Minerals. “These low dust products significantly improve water absorption and the flow of nutrients so that farmers can get the most out of their crops,” said Wanene. “It also keeps the nitrogen where it’s supposed to be - on the fields - instead of being washed off into municipal water systems, saving growers money in fertilizer costs,” he added.

The AgReady line includes three exclusive granular diatomaceous earth (DE) products and three montmorillonite clay products covering a broad particle size range from coarse to fine. The 100% pure DE products are uniquely lightweight, easy to handle and highly absorbent. The clay products “break” the surface tension of the soil, allowing the highly absorbent blend to get into the soil.

To learn more about AgReady, contact EP Minerals at 1-800-366-7607 or online at www.epminerals.com.