DuPont opened a new Innovation Center today in Mexico City aimed at connecting customers, strategic partners and academics with more than 9,500 DuPont scientists and engineers located in more than 150 technical centers around the world.

"This Innovation Center in Mexico leverages the power of the DuPont global network, allowing us to collaborate and meet some of the growing needs in the areas of food, protection and energy in Mexico," said Chief Science & Technology Officer Douglas Muzyka. "It is exciting to see the progress that has been made to address the needs of the people of Mexico by tapping into the richness of DuPont science. This new Innovation Center will help us develop new business opportunities both for local businesses and for DuPont."

This is DuPont's sixth Innovation Center with a seventh slated to open in Brazil later this month. Other Innovation Centers which recently opened are operating in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Japan. Interactions at these centers have already created new opportunities for DuPont to help customers better serve needs in food, energy and protection.

Eduardo W. Wanick, president, DuPont Latin America, pointed to the importance of Innovation Centers for developing markets. "The DuPont Mexico Innovation Center will provide a critical missing link in our ability to collaborate with direct and indirect customers and other innovators in Mexico. It will enhance our ability to put science to work to address the specific needs of society in Mexico and Central America." These centers are designed to allow fast growing countries to find solutions that matter most in their communities, countries and regions.

"We are looking forward to helping customers grow their business right here in Mexico," said Jorge Cossío, president, DuPont Mexico. These centers are a new way of looking at innovation and collaboration at the local level to help customers find solutions to their unmet needs so that new innovations can be developed in an inclusive way and go to market faster.