DuPont Pioneer is building two new processing towers at its Chatham, Ontario, production location. The $19 million expansion will enable Pioneer to help simplify the planting process for growers by providing integrated refuge hybrids. This production facility will condition, treat and blend seed to integrate refuge products with other high performing Pioneer brand products.

"Integrated refuge simplifies the process of incorporating a refuge in growers' fields and protects technology they depend on," says Tim Weller, senior production manager, DuPont Pioneer. "This is an example of the seed industry and regulators working together to protect the future of agriculture."

The federal government mandates that growers plant 20 percent refuge seed to prevent insects from developing a resistance to Bt corn. Typically growers order and plant non-Bt products separately. Pioneer® brand Optimum® AcreMax® family of integrated refuge products remove those steps, saving growers time and money.

"We have operated in Chatham for more than 55 years and continue to bring value to growers and the community here," said Weller.

Construction has started and is expected to be completed by mid-August 2014. The expansion will also house new soybean conditioning equipment, including dryers and bins.