Glysorita LLC, a U.S. supplier of generic glyphosate, is introducing two dry granular glyphosate formulations based on an ammonium salt, new to the United States market.

U.S. ag retailers and farmers are familiar with glyphosate, but generally have had access to the compound in the form of a liquid isopropylamine salt. Worldwide, glyphosate as an ammonium salt has often been the preferred choice of producers in Australia, Argentina and other parts of South America, explained Glysorita CEO Rick Beardmore.

“In recent years, a number of new salts have been introduced to the market in an effort to increase the concentration per gallon of glyphosate. Potassium and other mixed salts are readily available in liquid form from a number of manufacturers,” said Beardmore. “Our granular formulation is the only glyphosate DG on the market in the United States.” 

He further explained that a major advantage is the concentration of product so that one truckload of the DG treats 40,000 acres compared to just 16,000 acres for a truckload of liquid totes.

Glysortia is offering two formulation—an 88.8 percent formulation with 80 percent acid, and a 77.7 percent formulation with 70 percent acid.

The company claims advantages of the ammonium salt version of glyphosate include:

  • Dry granular formulation ease-of-handling
  • Eliminated freezing concerns and simplifies storage.
  • High concentration of active ingredient in a compact package
  • Product can be added to water without worry of separating out of solution.

The product will be available in an easily disposed plastic bag designed to treat 40 acres at a rate of approximately one pound/acre.

Glysortia is based in Hudson, Wis., and will be distributing throughout the U.S. using established distribution and dealership channels.