Valley Irrigation has introduced the new Valley DropSpan for center pivots. The DropSpan allows growers to irrigate additional acres with a center pivot by “dropping” spans upon arriving at a large obstruction in a field, allowing the center pivot to continue irrigating no-obstructed sections of a field.

An example provided by Valley notes how one farmer uses the DropSpan. Scott Ford, a grower from Bertrand, Neb., began farming a field in 2012 that had a grain bin and wind break at one edge of a field that obstructs a center pivot from irrigating the entire field. The field was previously irrigated using less efficient, more labor intensive flood irrigation. To conserve resources and still maximize irrigated acres, Ford had a Valley center pivot with a DropSpan installed to reach the area behind the obstructions.

“The DropSpan allowed us to irrigate an additional 23 acres with a center pivot,” Ford said. “We like it because in a matter of 15 minutes, we are able to irrigate more efficiently with minimal labor requirements.” When Ford’s 14-span, 8000 series Valley center pivot reached the obstructions, four spans were dropped off and Ford’s machine continued irrigating, ensuring the extra area of soybeans got the water they needed.

“The Valley DropSpan allows growers to get the most out of the land they already have,” said John Kastl, Valley Irrigation equipment product manager, in focusing on the innovative engineering.  “The spans can easily be dropped or re-attached by one person without the use of tools.”

The Valley DropSpan allows growers to put every possible acre under mechanized irrigation—acres that were never irrigated before, or were irrigated with a less efficient method, can now be picked up with a center pivot.

Valley Irrigation claims to offer the most extensive product line available to help growers meet their irrigation needs and annual yield goals. Valley notes that other products from the company, including the Bender 160, Bender 30 and corner machines are engineered for irrigating additional acres at low investment.