Researchers associated with the Economic Policy Institute don’t agree with those within government and other private organizations that claim free-trade agreements, those past and pending, result or will result in more U.S. jobs.

U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk told members of the House Agriculture Committee last week that a proposed free-trade agreement with South Korea would deliver 70,000 American jobs. But the Economic Policy Institute report has concluded it would lead to displacing 159,000 American jobs in its first seven years.

The same report, "Heading South: U.S.-Mexico Trade and job displacement after NAFTA," makes the case that the free-trade agreement with Mexico and Canada that went into effect in 1994 has cost 682,900 American jobs, three-fifths of them in the manufacturing sector. This is an out-take from an article by Bartholomew Sullivan that appeared in The Commercial Appeal newspaper of Memphis, Tenn.

Specifics for state and county job losses in the Mid-South and Memphis area were presented by Sullivan. Comments by Kirk contrary to the EPI report are also included in the article. To read the whole article click here.