AGCO equipment manufacturer has had a good volume of people touring the company’s new high-tech tractor manufacturing facility at Jackson, Minn., and is promoting the value of more farmers, families and ag professionals visiting the facility.

Grand opening of the manufacturing plant was in June. “Since that event, farmers from across the Midwest and around the globe have been touring AGCO’s 75,000-square-foot tractor manufacturing line and taking in the exhibits within Intivity Center, the company’s new 17,000-square-foot visitors’ center. More than 2,700 people have toured the Jackson, Minn., facility since it opened to the public,” the company announced.

AGCO believes possible customers watching the high-tech manufacturing process has resulted in peaking interest of possible buyers. Todd Golly, who owns five Challenger tractors and one RoGator sprayer to operate his family’s 7,000-acre corn and soybean farm near Winnebago, Minn., was cited as an example.

“The manufacturing line isn’t like your typical line,” Golly said. “It is well-lit and organized more like an office than the sort of warehouse-style line I have seen before. Everything that goes into putting one of these machines together, from the actual materials themselves to the way the line is staffed, is really interesting to watch.”

AGCO explains that they have tried to make the tour experience different than others. “Most plant tours I’ve been on in the past were given by a tour guide, but on this tour we had a product specialist as well,” Golly explained. “The tour guide and product specialist took our group to the specific place in the plant where the components we asked about were assembled, and went through our questions point by point. That attention to detail set the experience apart.”

Steve Koep, vice president of sales, AGCO North America, noted the advances in the manufacturing procedures at the Jackson facility. He mentioned the straight-line-configured manufacturing line, with its four quality-gate inspection points and high-tech automated quality-control systems that demonstrate to farmers the attention to detail that goes into every product. The line is spacious, and the progress of each tractor is visible on the overhead LCD monitors throughout the process. The assembly team members and customers can read on the screens what is being built, the stage of production it is in, and even for whom the Massey Ferguson or Challenger tractor is being built.

The Intivity Center, the visitors’ center next to the manufacturing facility, has displays honoring the history of some of AGCO’s brands, such as Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Fendt, RoGator and TerraGator. The displays also provide a glimpse of where the technology in the next generation of machines is headed.

AGCO is inviting the public to visit the Intivity Center weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Guided tours of the new tractor manufacturing facility are available by appointment only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and may be scheduled online at