Several states around the country through their Extension services compile custom application rates paid by farmers for field work, but a project that would seem to be something easily coordinated for gathering the same information with the same questions from state to state isn’t happening.

Prime examples are fertilizer application and chemical application for control of weeds, insects and fungicides. There isn’t even consistency in the description of operations in the final analysis of information gathered from the groups of farmers surveyed and responding.

Some basic information can be pulled from different states’ surveys that show some comparisons by regions for services commonly provided by ag retailers. Below are the average cost of custom application services charged farmers in Iowa, Kansas and Ohio, which reflects prices paid for the 2012 crop season:


                                          Iowa      Kansas     Ohio

Fertilizer Application

Dry bulk                             $4.95        5.73       5.80

Liquid, spray                    $6.50        5.43       6.00

Anhydrous ammonia     $12.40     10.94     12.10

Lime                                 $6.30                        7.20

Chemical Control Weeds or Insects

Spray, self-propelled         $7.30                     7.00

Spraying pull                     $6.65         5.48       6.10