If the weather cooperates, world wheat production could see a “significant increase” in 2013, the United Nations said. Although there are still areas of concern due to lingering drought issues, higher grain prices caused from drought this year is encouraging many farmers to increase their winter wheat plantings.

Russia’s winter wheat planting is going well. The Food and Agriculture Organization reports that production is “progressing well under generally satisfactory weather conditions.” The FAO also reported that soil moisture levels in Russia still remain low in some key growing southern areas.

Planting conditions in the European Union are “generally favorable,” the FAO reports.

“Wheat remains an attractive option for producers,” FAO said. “Thus, weather permitting, [world] plantings are expected to at least match those of last year. This alone could result in a significant increase in next year’s global wheat output, assuming growing conditions return to normal in areas affected by drought in 2012, and satisfactory growing conditions in other key producing countries.”

In the northern hemisphere, winter wheat planting is well under way. Farmers are expected to increase plantings this year as higher prices are increasing farmers’ interest. Areas where the greatest increase in plantings are expected include Russia, Ukraine and Argentina.