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As patents expire, farmers plant generic GMOs

It’s been 20 years since Monsanto developed its first genetically modified crops. Now some of its early patents are starting to expire, leading to the first “generic GMOs”—off-patent seeds that cost half as much and which farmers are free to save and replant.


OxCart utility carts are built for heavy loads

OxCart utility dump carts are designed to hold, move, lift and dump heavy loads more easily and in less time. Built for the demands of golf courses, professional lawn care and landscaping operators, municipalities, cemeteries, farms and college campuses, OxCart carts have been dynamically load tested up to 1,100 pounds.


BASF lines up financing for potential Syngenta takeover

German chemicals group BASF has lined up a loan package from large multinational banks for a potential takeover offer for Syngenta, the Swiss crop chemicals maker, but will bide its time, several people familiar with the matter said.


Alliance Tire soil pit highlights compaction challenges

A soil pit demonstration by Alliance Tire Americas at the North American Manure Expo in Chambersburg, Pa., highlighted the difference in soil compaction between bias-ply and radial flotation tires—a roughly 50-percent difference in the depth of the compaction.


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