Winfield Solutions, LLC announced its expanded soybean portfolio, headlined by five new early-maturing Precision Pak (PrPak) varieties. PrPaks combine a 50/50 proprietary blend of similarly-maturing varieties that contain both offensive and defensive traits to help maintain yields on tough acres while capitalizing on higher producing areas.

Research results from WinField’s nearly 200 Answer Plot program locations underscore the benefits of PrPak soybeans – the ability to buffer the effects of weather, soil variability and other stresses to help enhance overall yield potential. In nearly 300 side-by-side comparisons across geographies, new Croplan soybean seed varieties beat the competition by an average of nearly 3 bushels per acre, while providing a .9-bushel yield increase compared to existing varieties in its own portfolio.

“Farmers with the most highly variable field conditions are seeing the biggest bang for their buck,” said Jack Carlson, Ph.D., soybean director, WinField. “Croplan Precision Paks continue to be a popular choice for farmers who want to eliminate ‘hot spots’ and increase the average yield potential in fields with variable soil types.

The 2014 Croplan portfolio is comprised of several maturity levels, each designed to handle field stress in a wide range of growing conditions. Carlson noted, "By expanding the maturity range with these new products, more farmers in more geographies are able to address the specific needs within each field because of the blended defensive and offensive genetics found in each Precision Pak.”

Croplan seed combines proven genetics from multiple gene pools with leading traits and technologies, to provide farmers the optimal seed for each acre.