CropWorld conferences around the world are being promoted, but there appears to be some confusion about who is organizing these conferences and for what purposes.

Having attended the CropWorld North America 2011 conference in North Carolina, I know first hand that the conferences are pro-agricultural industry summits, not organized by activist environmentalists. Each of the CropWorld conferences are put together in association with the British Crop Production Council (BCPC). “BCPC promotes the use of good science and technology in the understanding and application of effective and sustainable crop production,” the group’s Web site notes.

Those in the agricultural industry who want to be up to date on issues should find the CropWorld conferences stimulating based on my experience. That is why the announcement is being included here. The only hesitation is that the conferences are pricey.

The CropWorld Global 2011 announcement explains the topic of this conference as follows:     

“With a rapidly growing global population and mounting pressure on the globe’s natural resources, the critical question facing governments and businesses today is: “How will we feed an increasingly hungry world in a sustainable way?

“Bringing together expert strategists, key opinion makers, government advisers and prominent scientists, CropWorld Global 2011 will provide an integral platform for the cropping industry to debate this seemingly insurmountable challenge and will uncover and showcase the latest in technical innovations and R&D advancements from field to fork.”

The CropWorld Global 2011 conference program includes 20 topic specific modules lasting for 1 hour and 40 minutes to allow in-depth presentations and discussions about the area that is of interest to an attendee. Additionally, the program builds in networking opportunities at lunch, breaks and end of day. Poster sessions are also included for research findings and success stories to be displayed.

CropWorld organizers want CEOs, directors, senior managers, policy makers, researchers, academics, agricultural consultants, growers, financial experts and others to consider attending.

Conference registration is now open for attending this global topic summit in London and two other CropWorld conferences — CropWorld India 2011, June 27-29 and CropWorld South America 2011, July 4-5. Go to for registration and additional program information and to evaluate if the conferences seem worthwhile.