Anyone accessing can now use a new “search widget” to find chemical/crop protection data by product name, company name, active ingredient, product category, crop or pest.

The new widget or Greenbook Decision Engine was added to the website effective Dec. 26, and is located in the upper left side column of the home page.

Searches can be completed quite easily. Once a category is selected from the drop down, the user enters their search term to find results. Results are returned in a pop-up box that shows all indexed product data and labeling documents. The user can then select a document from the list and a new window opens with the corresponding data.

Chris Fox, Greenbook's director of digital development, explained the ability to place the widget on AgProfessional’s website. “The Greenbook Decision Engine draws on our XML-based web server and can be customized and integrated into existing websites to deliver plant protection product data/documents to those in the industry that rely on that information,” he said.

The Greenbook Group is a division of Vance Publishing Corp. and has produced chemical plant/crop protection data reference manuals and products for more than 27 years and has long been considered a staple resource for chemical input data to the ag industry. Greenbook produces chemical crop protection software products, delivers chemical data to more than 50,000 registered users at and “impacts chemical input decisions daily across the universe of agriculture and for turf industry professionals via third party software integration.”

Having the Greenbook search capabilities on is an added service that ag professionals can take advantage of in their daily jobs.