The Kauai County Council in Hawaii voted on Saturday to override Mayor Bernard Carvalho’s veto of a bill that would require large farms to disclose the production of genetically modified crops and pesticide use.

The 5-2 vote now means that the bill will become law and takes effect in nine months.

Crop protection and biotechnology companies are expected to file lawsuits challenging the new law.

“There will definitely be a lawsuit,” attorney Paul Alson, who represents Syngenta, was quoted as saying.

Bill 2491 would require mandatory disclosure of pesticides used on fields and of GM crops planted by large agribusinesses. Companies this law will impact include Syngenta, DuPont Pioneer, Dow AgroSciences, BASF and Kauai Coffee.

The bill stemmed from concerns over pesticide use and GMOs. In October, the council voted to approve the bill, but Carvalho vetoed it, citing legal concerns. Those against the bill claim the bill is legally flawed.