Corn conditions in the top 18 producing states dropped by two-percentage points according to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report released on June 27. The report showed 68 percent of corn in “good” to “excellent” condition, compared to 70 percent last week and 72 percent last year.

“Good” to “Excellent” Condition
Wisconsin (83 percent) reported the highest percentage of corn in “good” to “excellent” condition. Iowa (80 percent), Kentucky (79 percent) and Nebraska (79 percent) also reported high percentages of corn in “good” to “excellent” condition.

Overall 55 percent of states reported fewer acres in “good” to “excellent” condition than the national average.

“Fair” Condition
Twenty-three percent of the nation’s corn was rated in “fair” condition, compared to 19 percent last year.  Ohio reported 36 percent of corn in “fair” condition, the highest percentage recorded. Kansas (33 percent) and Indiana (32 percent) also reported a high percentage of corn in “fair” condition.

Overall 12 states reported more acres in “fair” condition than the national average of 23 percent.

“Very poor” to “Poor” Conditions
North Carolina and Texas continued to report the highest percentages of corn in “very poor” to “poor” condition with 46 and 51 percent respectively.  Illinois (10 percent), Indiana (11 percent) and Ohio (12 percent) also reported more acres in “very poor” to “poor” condition than the national average.

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