According to the Environmental Entrepreneurs organization, passage of the U.S. Defense Department authorization bill clears the way for biofuel industry growth.

Congress on Dec. 21 gave its endorsement to the military’s advanced biofuels programs by passing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) without including controversial proposals that would have banned the Department of Defense from expanding its use of advanced biofuels.

After passage, Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) co-founder Nicole Lederer said, “This is good for the military, but it’s also good for our economy and our environment. 

“Just like it did with industries ranging from aviation to the internet, the military is leading the country on deploying advanced biofuels. By turning back short-sighted attempts that would have kept the military dependent on a single fuel source—oil—Congress has cleared the way for the Department of Defense to continue to make investments in advanced biofuels that will have positive impacts on the industry and our economy.”

According to a recent E2 report, more than 14,000 jobs and about $10 billion-plus in economic activity could be created if the military meets its previously announced biofuels goals. The Air Force and Navy—two of the biggest users of oil in the world—want to get 50 percent of their fuel from advanced biofuels by 2020.”

E2 Environmental Entrepreneurs is a national “community” of business leaders who promote sound environmental policy that builds economic prosperity, according to its website.

For more details on the potential impacts of the military’s biofuel programs, see E2’s website section by clicking here.