Fuzion Technologies, LLC, www.fuzionag.com, Huntsman Petrochemical and Lighthouse Product Services won two Agrow awards based on the development of Veloz Technology. The Agrow Awards Event was held in London, England on Nov. 1. 

The first award was for the Best Formulation Innovation and the second award was for Best Industry Collaboration. Branded as Veloz Technology, Huntsman Petrochemical developed a technology that when used with certain active ingredients is able to drive the active ingredient into the insect faster resulting in faster more complete control.

The first product, Frenzy Veloz was launched just prior to the 2011 growing season and had tremendous results treating just under 1 million acres. Since June, two additional products have been registered and a third is pending. These products expect to be launched under the Frenzy Attack and Frenzy Systemic brtands.The collaborative effort was very effective and efficient. Huntsman Petrochemical optimized the formulations then handed them off to Lighthouse Product Services who was able to work with EPA personnel to get them registered. F

uzion Technologies launched the products into the market with the first production coming off the line in June. “Since our inception, our goal has always been to develop innovative and differentiated products to offer to distributors and retailers. As a new and small company, collaboration is the only way we could pull that off. Huntsman and Lighthouse have been incredibly cooperative and the market clearly liked the product. While Frenzy was quite successful, we really believe that Frenzy Attack and Frenzy Systemic will be even better – so we are very excited about launching those products this winter and further showcasing this Veloz Technology,” states Mike Steffeck, co-founder of Fuzion Technologies, LLC.

Winners were selected by a panel of 10 judges whose backgrounds included global regulatory experts, professors of international universities, research chemists, chairmen and presidents of multinational agricultural chemical companies as well as the general secretary of China Crop Protection Industry Association.