The American farmers are not going to eliminate hunger in the world. They aren’t today and they won’t when the world has 9 billion people in 2050. The argument for government policies and regulations to allow farmers to produce higher yields to feed the world holds no water what so ever.

I’m pro modern agriculture and biotechnology, but everyone needs to shut up about feeding the world when the countries with major hunger are the ones exporting agricultural products so that someone, some business or some government makes money, and people starve.

Hungry people are hungry because they cannot afford more food, and if people cannot pay, then they go hungry, which seems to be the way that world economics works.

I’m pointing a finger directly at India as an example of an exporting country with horrible poverty among so many of its people. I’m sure the exact number of people in the country that go to bed hungry is officially under estimated, no matter what the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization or any other politically connected organization reports.

India ended Thailand’s 30-year reign as the largest rice exporter in 2012, and it continues to fight the export battle to be number one in 2013. Who else is trying to take export share away from India? Pakistan, a country known for being a haven to the Taliban and Al Qaeda and a country with major poverty, is also a country where private companies export locally grown rice.  (My side opinion is that Al Qaeda can flourish because those who agree to be Muslim religious radicals are fed, in general, better than many of their non-radical brothers and sisters.)

It burns me up that countries with starving people must export their food so that some people connected to agriculture have money to buy imported goods from giant exporter countries like the United States, Japan and China.

Don’t suggest that America is going to feed the world in 2050 unless farmers are going to give away their harvested crops. In my opinion, it is more likely that a socialist revolution in undeveloped and developing countries will require these countries to have plans for sharing food with the masses before the remainder is exported. The lock down of exports and food riots were what happened with the world food scare of 2008, and it sure could repeat itself on a bigger scale between now and 2050.