Anti-biotech radicals want to dominate the internet with their complaints, claims of scientific fact, rants and twisted thinking. They’ll post anywhere with false information and half-truths.

But when a company says enough is enough and uses its censorship rights to curtail posting on its own website and Facebook site, the radicals can’t understand how they can be censored from spreading their lies about the company, government officials, scientists and conventional crop production.

One of the companies recently attacked was J.M. Smucker Company, which reportedly has been removing posts from anti-GMO radicals. The company has been under attack for backing opposition to GMO labeling ballot initiatives in Oregon and Colorado.

The radicals claim Smucker is trying to keep “consumers in the dark about GMOs in food products.” In truth, what they are trying to do is keep the average consumer from being scared to death about eating anything not approved by the organic-only crowd of the world.

Food labeling is for the purpose of providing nutrition information and food safety, and labeling products as possibly having some GMO content is not advancing information about nutrition or food safety. GMO foods have not shown any hint of being inferior in nutrition or a threat to the health of humans.

It is the right of companies and individuals to limit criticism, especially to a factual level, on their own website and Facebook pages.