Those who lost the California referendum vote to require all food that might contain genetically modified ingredients be labeled as such have been inspired to continue fighting but on a more national scale.

As noted in previous discussions about the California referendum, many of those working for required labeling weren’t thinking anything other than outlawing the use of biotechnology to develop GMO crops. The referendum itself could have been labeled the “No GMOs” campaign.

Using Thanksgiving as a kick-off for a new effort to punish any food producer, processor who might include GMO crops in their food, a new coalition of anti-GMO organizations has been formed. It is the “GMO Inside” organization.

The idea is that consumers should check as many sources as possible to see if GMO ingredients are included in foods that might end up on the Thanksgiving feast table. They want all Americans to “celebrate a non-GMO Thanksgiving.”

The organization, using a website, slams specific companies and products as being “suspect for GMOs” and provides its supposedly known non-GMO alternative. Additionally, GMO Inside has a campaign similar to “don’t let a friend drive drunk” by telling the public to warn their friends and families of GMO ingredient products—don’t let friends eat GMOs. The suggestion is to use social media to post product pictures of those thought to have GMO ingredients.

To punish food producers/processors, the recommendation is to use any guarantee of satisfaction on a package to ask for money back from a manufacturer.

GMO Inside refuses to accept that GMO crops and food ingredients are safe for human or animal consumption and basically calls anyone associated with production or sale of GMO products unethical.

In the announcement of GMO Inside being formed, the coalition had harsh words for mainstream agriculture that does produce GMO products. “Genetically engineered foods have not been adequately tested for human consumption. It is unethical to put an experimental technology into the food Americans feed their families without providing information on the label that allows Americans to choose whether or not their food contains GMOs. Americans deserve to know if there are GMOs inside.”

There are several organizations involved in steering GMOs Inside, and it would seem good to steer clear of these organizations. The coalition’s steering committee comes from the following groups: Food Democracy Now, Green America, Institute for Responsible Technology, Nature’s Path Organic Foods and Nutiva.