As an editor, I never know what I’m going to receive in the form of news releases and announcements. But it seemed interesting to receive an announcement saying the best winter cap ever designed for the working person is now available—two days into the fall season and only days since the last high 90s temperatures of the summer.

“Ergodyne announced today the expansion of their N-Ferno Extreme Warming Product Line to include the new N-Ferno 6802 Classic Bomber Hat—a first for the safety supply industry.

“The new 6802 Bomber Hat works to combat the cold air with its tremendous insulating properties,” according to Tom Votel, president and CEO of Ergodyne. “This hat promises to keep workers warm in any winter condition.”

The bomber hat is the one with the big fake fur ear flaps and the front bill that snaps up. It is cut to look like the World War II bombardier or navigator Air Force cap.

This company wants us to jump from thinking about the hottest weather in years to worrying about this winter possibly being the coldest winter possible.

Interesting also is that I had just watched the season-ending TV episode of “Ice Road Truckers” where heavy hauler semi-trucks carry loads across desolate areas of Alaska and Canada, often on roads established for the winter over frozen lakes.

The temperatures are usually below zero, and these truckers obviously were dressed in several thin layers rather than fewer heavy layers. But bomber hats were few and far between.

I’m not suggesting that these hats aren’t a good idea for employees of ag retailer operations or crop consultants out in the winter weather, especially when out for extended periods of time. It is just hard to jump from summer to winter thinking this rapidly.