The leadership of United Farmers Cooperative, based in York, Neb., has signed a letter of intent to purchase Midwest Ag Partners LLC based at Marquette, Neb.

CEO Carl Dickinson said United Farmers Cooperative will increase regional efficiency and reliability with the addition of agronomy, grain, energy and feed services at Marquette for producer in Hamilton and Merrick counties. But he said the Marquette location will be primarily an agronomy office.

Don Swanson, vice president of agronomy, said, "By coupling the Midwest Ag Partners' employees with United Farmers Cooperative's locations, the labor efficiencies will be enhanced across the board." He said customers will be provided “innovative services” related to precision agriculture.

With the purchase of the Marquette location, United Farmers Cooperative's locations in Nebraska and Kansas will total 32, which allows it to serve a current customer base of more than 6,200 voting members and close to 5,000 nonvoting members in 22 counties, according to an online Lincoln Star Journal newspaper report. It also reported that Midwest Ag Partners LLC was established in 2008 as a private company, not a co-op.