Changing Times, LLC, recently announced it has purchased G & L Seed Treaters of Cynthia, Ind. The product line will now be sold under the trademark, CT Applicators.

The patented CT Dry Seed Applicator was originally designed by a farmer who couldn’t find an applicator that would precisely measure dry seed treatments. Precision application of low volume seed treatment products is essential to the highest yield response.

“I have been actively involved in developing new seed treatment technologies for agriculture for over 3 decades,” Tom Johnson, president of Changing Times, LLC, said. “The innovative CT Applicators are designed to give the user the most accurate application of low volume use products that are common in production agriculture.”

Both the CT Dry and CT Liquid Applicators allow product to be applied to the seed at the time of planting and can be used with any seed delivery system.

Changing Times, LLC will begin production of both their dry and liquid seed treatment applicators in Buffalo, SD yet this winter.

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