Case IH will meet the 2014 Tier 4B (Tier 4 Final) engine emissions standards using exclusively Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology – the same technology that Case IH is now using to meet Tier 4A interim standards in high-horsepower tractors.

“We’ve spent years preparing for the final stage of off-road governmental emissions regulations in 2014,” says Kyle Russell, senior director of marketing, Case IH North America. “Everyone in the industry knew this dramatic reduction in air pollutants was being phased in over time. And we all knew that by 2014, the final Tier 4B limits were going to require a minimum 90 percent reduction in particulate matter and nitrogen oxides (NOx) compared to Tier 3 requirements.

“At Case IH, we made the choice several years ago to focus our development efforts on SCR technology, because it allows us to meet the most stringent emissions standards while still offering efficient power and responsive performance,” Russell adds.

Cool-running and quiet, SCR is an engine exhaust after-treatment system that works outside the engine in the exhaust system. Rather than interfere with engine performance, it actually improves it. “SCR is hands-down, the best approach for high-horsepower agricultural equipment,” Russell continues. “Especially when you consider the high load requirements for field work and how important fuel efficiency and maintenance costs are to large producers.” 


No CEGR Needed

With SCR technology, engines are tuned to maximize power and fuel efficiency,

while minimizing particulate matter. Daily engine maintenance and upkeep are easy, because SCR treats exhaust to eliminate NOx after it exits the engine, allowing the engine to perform at peak efficiency.

“There’s no re-routing the exhaust back through the engine and limiting our customers’ performance in the field,” Russell explains. “Our Tier 4B technology will not require regeneration of particulate filters or any Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) technology for any of our high horsepower equipment.”

For Case IH customers who have purchased Tier 4A equipment today, there will be no additional requirements in 2014. Filling the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank is all it takes to reduce fuel consumption and extend service intervals.

FPT Powertrain Technologies, the Case IH SCR engine supplier, is a global leader in diesel engines and already has a successful track record meeting Tier 4 regulations with over-the-road trucks. FPT’s advancements in technology are helping Case IH meet final Tier 4 standards using an SCR-only solution.

“The combination of Case IH and FPT means our customers will continue to benefit from the most innovative SCR technology available to meet rigorous emissions requirements without sacrificing engine power or efficiency,” Russell notes. “FPT SCR engines have already logged about 20 million miles over the last 5 years. We call that tested technology and proven performance.”