FMC announced the Capture LFR Insecticide “Meat and Greet” Road Tour, a series of meeting events that will take place at retailer locations across the Midwest from August 13 to September 28. The meetings will bring retailers and growers together for two-hour learning sessions on Capture LFR insecticide from FMC and crop protection best practices for managing corn. Much of what will be discussed will be set-up to 2013 insecticide use.  

“These events allow retailers to connect with growers and have timely conversations with customers about protecting their investment in corn from corn rootworm and other seedling pests and getting their crop off to the best start for maximum yield,” said David Wheeler, FMC business solutions manager. “At each stop, we will be able to address questions and show growers how they can incorporate Capture LFR into their operation to develop a strong plant stand.”

The Capture LFR Road Tour will stop at more than 20 locations throughout the Midwest over a six-week period. Guest speakers from FMC will cover current issues and trends regarding corn rootworm and other seedling pests as well as the agronomic and ergonomic advantages of using Capture LFR for maximum yield results. Local-area speakers will discuss fertility management issues and trends, advantages of using in-furrow starters, and the advantages of using a retailer’s pest management program. Learn more about these events online at

“Over the last several years, more and more growers have express concerns about corn rootworm resistance in Bt corn,” said Wheeler. “With corn prices going up, along with high commodity prices that seed is going to be more valuable. The threshold for loss of stand is even lower than it has been in the past.”