Dow AgroSciences announced a limited commercial introduction of Enlist corn in Canada for the 2014 growing season. The company’s Canada Field Forward program will provide growers with an exclusive opportunity to experience the company’s newest technologies under carefully stewarded conditions before they are widely available.

This will be the first sale of Enlist corn for Dow AgroSciences, as the company anticipates the commercial launch of Enlist corn in Canada in 2015 after regulatory approvals in additional import geographies are secured.

The Enlist Weed Control System combines innovative traits, herbicides and stewardship to deliver weed control farmers need while sustaining their beneficial farming practices, Dow AgroSciences explained. It will be the first technology to be showcased within Dow AgroSciences’ Canada Field Forward program.  Regulatory authorities in Canada approved Enlist corn and Enlist soybeans in 2012, and Enlist Duo herbicide in 2013. Enlist crops have been approved for import by several countries, and are in the process for others.

“Through our Field Forward program, farmers will be able to see Enlist perform on typical fields and conditions, while also ensuring the proper stewardship activities are in place to manage the grain production on farm,” said Joe Vertin, global business leader, Enlist, Dow AgroSciences.

Multiple Canada Field Forward locations are set for Eastern Canada for 2014. Sites are being planted with Enlist corn this spring and will be sprayed with Enlist Duo herbicide. Growers will manage the technology according to the herbicide label and product use guide while using best management practices from Dow AgroSciences. Farmers participating in the program will be engaged with the company throughout the season as they evaluate and steward the technology on their farms. The growers are to use the corn produced from the Field Forward sites on their respective farms upon harvest.