The anti-biotechnology Label GMOs, which previously announced its campaign to raise awareness for labeling genetically modified foods with a RightToKnow March in October, has gone beyond starting a public relations stunt. The organization has launched a campaign in California to require mandatory labeling of GMOs in food in the state by 2012. The initiative would require that any food product sold in California be labeled if it contained any “genetically modified organism.”

The group said it brought this legal action because it is concerned that no progress had been made by the Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture or Congress to require mandatory labeling of GMOs, which the group considers a grand experiment that people have not agreed to. The initiative would require 500,000 signatures to place this issue on a ballot for voters to consider.

The signature campaign is expected to begin in October at the same time as the launch of its PR rallies, which ironically are primarily being held on the East Coast. If the California initiative were passed, it would make this issue one step closer to making the labeling of GMOs in food products a federal law or regulation, which obviously is the ultimate goal of the group.