Calcium Products, Inc. opened a brand-new Supercal SO4 production facility on May 9, 2013. After nearly a full year of construction, the first loads shipped last week.

“We are very excited to have this multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art plant operational. Our customers have been waiting all spring to for us to meet demand,” said Craig Dick, vice president of sales and marketing. “Furthermore, we are getting calls from all parts of North America from dealers looking to source product. Our new facility means Supercal SO4 is ready to ship immediately, helping dealers salvage some sales during this tough spring season.”

The new facility more than doubles production capability, making Supercal SO4 much more widely available to distributors and farmers demanding improved soil quality and bottom-line results.

SuperCal SO4 is the industry’s purest naturally-mined gypsum, pelletized in a uniform, dust-free, quick-dissolving granule.

"The unique source of raw materials combined with the company's proprietary manufacturing means the farmer gets the purest, most responsive product available on the market. With SuperCal SO4 you get all the benefits of gypsum and a potent sulfate fertilizer that won’t burn crops when applied in-furrow or over standing crops," Dick said.

In addition to increased SuperCal SO4 capacity, Calcium Products has also enhanced efficiency at their SuperCal 98G pelletized lime facilities. This efficiency has led to more availability of the industry’s most efficient calcitic limestone.

“Though spring is not typically thought of as a time to apply lime, with SuperCal 98G, you get a pH change in days not years as with traditional lime products. Each year we see more and more dealers dropping Ag-lime application in favor or our more efficient option,” Dick said.