CHS Inc., an energy, grains and foods company and the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative, and Mountain View Co-op, Black Eagle, Mont., announced they have formed a limited liability company to build a 35,000-ton dry fertilizer warehouse at Collins, Mont.

Products stored at the new facility will include urea, phosphates, potash, ammonium sulfate, and micronutrients, all agronomic products routinely used by area growers.  Mountain View Co-op will be the facility’s exclusive fertilizer retailer, serving growers throughout their trade area. 

“Over the years, we’ve noticed a continued shift to earlier planting, and an increase in the time it takes fertilizer manufacturers to get products to us to meet growers’ needs,” says Bruce Clark, general manager, Mountain View Co-op. “This new facility will enable us to meet our growers’ increased demand for nitrogen and sulfur products, to ensure healthy, profitable crop production.”

The new warehouse supports CHS strategic aspirations of investing in projects that leverage cooperative enterprise capabilities and focus on grower needs. “Urea normally produced and shipped from Canada is increasingly being used locally by Canadian farmers, greatly limiting product availability,” says Cheryl Schmura, CHS vice president, Crop Nutrients.  “The strategic location of the Collins fertilizer hub plant means customers in this region will have secure, competitive supply.”   

Warehouse construction is underway, with completion expected mid-summer 2013.

Located in north central Montana, Mountain View Co-op operates 10 agronomy locations within a 100-mile radius of Great Falls, serving farmers growing dryland winter wheat and irrigated hay, malt barley and dryland barley.