In light of recent bumblebee deaths, the Oregon Department of Agriculture has temporarily restricted the use of 18 pesticides that contain the active ingredient dinotefuran.

“Conclusions from the investigation will help us and our partners evaluate whether additional steps need to be considered,” department director Katy Coba said in a news release.

The restrictions include products used in ornamental, turf and agriculture as well as homeowners.

In the ag market, dinotefuran is marketed as Venom and Safari by Valent U.S.A., Walnut Creek, Calif., and Scorpion by Gowan Co., Yuma, Ariz.

The bumblebee deaths occurred in Wilsonville and Hillsboro counties.

The restrictions, effective immediately, will remain in place for at least 180 days.

That will allow the department time to complete its investigations into whether the pesticide applications violated state or federal pesticide rules.

For a complete list of products involved, click here.