After twenty-five years on the market, Brandt has announced that Saf-T-Side is getting a new name and look. Beginning in October, Saf-T-Side will be marketed under its new name, TriTek, which is derived from the product’s unique properties and function as a 3-in-1, fungicide-insecticide-miticide spray oil emulsion. he rebranding effort also includes new packaging, collateral and direct mail.

For years, Saf-T-Side has had a reputation of providing effective, long-lasting insect and disease control. TriTek is OMRI listed and approved for use in organic production. The highly refined, pre-emulsified paraffin oil is manufactured using proprietary Brandt technologies. The result is a stable, creamy emulsion that evenly coats plants and stays on the leaves longer, with minimal run off.