BioNitrogen Corporation announced that it has signed an agreement with the Battle River Agri-Ventures Co-op in Killam, Alberta, Canada, to conduct feasibility study for one or more plants using BioNitrogen's patent pending technology.

As part of the study, BioNitrogen will perform the following activities:

  • Market Study on Urea consumption and availability of biomass in the region.
  • Viability of potential off takers for the final urea product.
  • Biomass sample material and gasification analysis to determine the viability of available biomass to produce syngas within specifications.
  • Analysis of logistical factors including biomass feedstock supply to the plant.
  • Identification of plant construction constraints and shipment methods of urea to potential customers.
  • Evaluate and Analyze plant operational elements and provide recommendations to maximize operational effectiveness.

"This agreement represents a first step in BioNitrogen's global strategy for making its unique technology available outside of the United States," said Bryan Kornegay, Jr., President and CFO of BioNitrogen. "We are eager to work in partnership with progressive, forward thinking companies that seek to bring our cost competitive and sustainable technology to their region."

If the study concludes that constructing a plant is feasible in Alberta, Canada, BioNitrogen will work closely with Battle River Agri-Ventures Co-op to identify viable options to build the plant, including a partnership or the licensing of BioNitrogen's patent-pending technologies.