Agribusiness managers can build their decision-making skills and expand their professional network at Structuring Decisions, a seminar set for Sept. 10-12 and delivered on Purdue University’s campus in West Lafayette, Ind., by the Center for Food and Agricultural Business.

“Structuring Decisions is a well-taught, challenging program that I found very practical and applicable. I now understand how to delay a decision to reduce risk and have the tools that will help me make decisions on new opportunities,” said Brent Sigurdson, director of sales AG at Nufarm Americas.

Structuring Decisions gives participants the knowledge and tools they need to make strategic choices, like whether to pursue new product strategies, investment opportunities or research initiatives. Through lecture, case study analysis and decision-making tools such as heat mapping and risk scorecarding, participants learn a reasoned, systematic approach to making important decisions and mitigating downside risk. Mastering this process and using these tools significantly increases their odds of success.

If participants are currently struggling to make a business decision, they are encouraged to bring it to the seminar. Using a guided framework, they will have the option to develop an individual case study with one-on-one feedback from program faculty.

“Overall, Structuring Decisions raised my awareness of many decision-making tools that I can use in my job, like decision trees and options thinking. I feel confident that I can make better decisions after attending this course,” said Thomas Zuziak, market representation manager at New Holland Agriculture.

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