Beck’s Hybrids made the news across Indiana for using the company airplane to do an emergency evacuation from Haiti of a group of missionaries.

Earlier this month, a contingent of 14 missionaries from the Kokomo, Ind., Oakbrook Church, were attacked at an apartment building with four of them being shot—none of them life-threatening injuries—but the attack put an abrupt end to the missionary work. Reportedly a group of six men attempted to take hostages and gunfire broke out.

The missionaries wanted out of the country immediately for better medical care because they were extremely shaken by the attack and because they further feared for their safety. Early departure via commercial airline was not in the cards; therefore, one of Beck Hybrids’ employees in the missionary group called the company owners looking for assistance.

The family-owned seed company’s officers made the decision to dispatch the company airplane to evacuate all the missionaries, and international paperwork allowing the plane to fly into Haiti was completed in near-record time, it was reported. The nine-passenger plane had to make two trips from Florida to Haiti and then from Florida to Indiana.

An extensive report of the incident and evacuation can be read by clicking here