Bayer CropScience North America recently began construction of a new BioScience greenhouse at Bayer CropScience's North American headquarters located in Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina. Leaders, including Chairman of the Board of Management Sandra E. Peterson, gathered to recognize the groundbreaking in April.

The new state-of-the-art greenhouse will be a key facility in support of Bayer's expansion of BioScience corn and soybean research and development activities within the United States. The BioScience greenhouse will be designed to conduct GM and non-GM trait research, and also will support discovery research for molecular breeding and the development of data packages for trait deregulation.

"This construction is a big step forward for Bayer's capabilities in the area of BioScience," said Geoff Kneen, Vice President and Head of BioScience RTP Operations. "We are very excited to focus our corn and soybean research and development activities here in the U.S."

The BioScience greenhouse will be located in the Northeast corner of the corporate campus. The two-story facility will provide 30,000 square feet of greenhouse space and 2,400 square feet of growth chambers together with associated laboratory, seed handling and storage areas. The total area of the building will be 60,000 square feet and will accommodate 25 staff members.