Bayer CropScience revealed to seed distributors this week at a seed company meeting the company’s future plans for key products. The company announced that production of Liberty herbicide should expand for 2013.

“We have requested to our corporate headquarters a significant volume increase for Liberty herbicide for 2013 because we expect an increase in U.S. soybean acres planted to LibertyLink,” said Al Luke, head of broad acre marketing, Bayer CropScience.

Luke explained that global production needs to expand to meet increasing needs for the herbicide around the world. Liberty herbicide is often used where weeds have become resistant to other mode of action herbicides. In addition to expanded Liberty herbicide production, Luke also said retailers and seed distributors could expect to see an increase in LibertyLink crops in 2013.

“Bayer is working with its seed partners across the north and south to develop additional soybean varieties,” Luke said.

In particular, Luke said the company has experienced growth in its LibertyLink InVigor canola in Canada and the United States. Parts of North Dakota are also seeing an increase in Liberty herbicide use for corn and soybeans.

As weed resistance developed more quickly in the South, LibertyLink crops had an excellent fit for areas with the most resistance. Luke explained that weed resistance has not spread as quickly farther to the north but is becoming a problem there as well

To better align the company for these increased herbicide and seed capacities, Luke explained that the company planned to work closer with ag retailers.

“We plan to increase our communication with ag retailers to better align Liberty herbicide supply with LibertyLink seed orders,” he said.

He explained that retailers who sell Liberty herbicide will be matched with LibertyLink crop seed so that purchases will be easier.

In also looking to the future, Bayer announced a new product in the pipeline: a herbicide called Balance Bean, which will be used on HPPD-tolerant soybeans.

“Balance Bean will be similar to Balance in corn before Balance Flexx was used,” Luke said.

Balance Bean is anticipated to be introduced in 2015 in the midzone area from Iowa and Illinois into the South.