Bayer CropScience announced its plans to release a new broadleaf corn herbicide, DiFlexx. DiFlexx will offer growers flexibility for a broad range of application while also fitting a variety of soil and weather conditions. DiFlexx will be available to growers in 2015, pending regulatory approvals.

DiFlexx is a blend of dicamba and Crop Safety Innovation (CSI) Safener technology, which enables corn plants to better withstand herbicidal activity, for excellent crop safety. With a liquid formulation, DiFlexx will have a wide window of application from burndown to V10. More importantly, DiFlexx will effectively target tough weeds like Palmer amaranth, lambsquarters and waterhemp while also targeting more than 100 annual and perennial weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate-, PPO-, and ALS-based herbicides.

“Bayer CropScience is excited to offer growers innovative solutions to help them control their most troublesome weeds,” said Jeff Springsteen, Bayer CropScience US product manager. “Once commercialized, DiFlexx will offer growers the option to use an effective broadleaf herbicide from pre-plant burndown through post-emergence, improve overall plant health and ultimately increase yields.”

DiFlexx with CSI Safener technology will work to improve soil and foliar uptake of plants. DiFlexx will also have the capability of being applied to all soil types making it applicable for silage, white corn, seed corn and popcorn crops. Additionally, DiFlexx can be safely combined with MSO (Methylated Seed Oil) or COC (Crop Oil Concentrate) for improved weed control as compared to non-safened dicamba.

When applied as a pre-emergence herbicide, DiFlexx will safen amide products applied in the same tankmix. When applied postemergence, DiFlexx can be tankmixed with other postemergence herbicides, such as Capreno or Laudis. Such a postemergence tankmix will provide an additional mode of action to further control herbicide-resistant weeds.

Jody Wynia, Bayer CropScience US corn marketing manager, added the benefit of DiFlexx will extend beyond weed control alone.

“Growers are encountering dicamba shortages at an increasing rate,” Wynia explained. “DiFlexx will be a dicamba option, but with more crop safety than they find with other dicamba products.”

*Registration pending. DiFlexx is not currently registered for sale or use in the United States.

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