Growers in Paulina, Brazil; Mereville, France; and Forest City, Iowa all experience different problems with their crops depending on a variety of factors, including weather, soil conditions and pests. Now, all of these growers have access to the same seed treatment expertise through 10 newly opened Bayer SeedGrowth Centers around the globe. These Centers provide continuing solutions and education to seed treaters and growers on a one-on-one level.

With the announcement at the 2013 Farm Progress Show, growers, retailers and show attendees will learn how the Bayer SeedGrowth Centers are used for innovation and demonstrations, bringing customers together to see new products and equipment. The Centers provide services, including customized internal and external trainings, testing, advice and technical support, directly to seed treaters. The SeedGrowth Centers also allow customers to learn first-hand about using SeedGrowth products, including Poncho/VOTiVO, the first seed treatment to combine an insecticide with a biological mode of action against nematodes for corn and soybeans, and receive interactive training on equipment, such as the fully-automated seed treatment system On Demand, which brings commercial treating downstream.

“The services provided by Bayer SeedGrowth Centers are a vital part of our fully integrated offerings, including products, equipment, coatings and services,” said Brad May, strategic business lead, Bayer CropScience. “Our powerful 24/7 service network is made up of 10 Bayer SeedGrowth Centers across the globe and truly committed field personnel. Whatever your role – a grower, seed breeder, treater, retailer or adviser – our services can play a part in expanding your business and protecting your and your customers’ investments.”

The 10 Bayer SeedGrowth Centers are located in Research Triangle Park, N.C., USA; Guadalajara, Mexico; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Paulina, Brazil; Wickham Market, United Kingdom; Mereville, France; Monheim, Germany; Hu Jia Lou, China; Pinkeba Old, Australia; and Wigram, Christchurch, New Zealand.

One of the major focuses in Bayer SeedGrowth is innovation to create a strong pipeline of products, equipment, coatings and services, as well as its continued investment in stewardship programs.

“The need for Bayer SeedGrowth offerings is increasing around the world as seed treatment capabilities keep expanding,” said Ethan Luth, SeedGrowth product manager for Bayer CropScience. “As growers and seed treaters’ needs evolve, Bayer SeedGrowth continues to invest in innovation to bring the best possible solutions to our customers.”

As Bayer SeedGrowth expands its pipeline, a focus area continues to be biologics. In addition, Bayer SeedGrowth is developing a new seed treatment that will provide growers additional protection against Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and a new talc replacement product that will significantly reduce dust while planting.

For more information about Bayer SeedGrowth, visit or contact your local sales representative.