U.S. farmers who grow specialty canola can now choose a hybrid from the high-yielding InVigor canola portfolio by Bayer CropScience. Bayer CropScience and Cargill introduced L156H, an Invigor Health hybrid with a high oleic oil profile. Bayer CropScience will produce and package the seed and only sell it through Cargill Specialty Seeds & Oils authorized dealers.

“L156H gives farmers the agronomic performance they can count on from InVigor, plus the opportunity to sell at a contract premium,” says Tom Schuler, Strategic Business Lead for Seeds and Traits, Bayer CropScience. “At the end of the day, the InVigor Health hybrid helps farmers minimize risk and maximize profit.”

As do all the hybrids in the InVigor portfolio, L156H features early-season vigor, the highest rating for blackleg resistance and the LibertyLink trait, which gives farmers an alternative to glyphosate-tolerant systems. In 11 large plot trials across North Dakota and eastern Montana in 2012 and 2013, L156H yielded 10 percent higher than Nexera™ 1012, a competitor’s specialty canola hybrid.

“Farmers can earn higher returns by growing specialty canola in a simple program that offers a premium over classic canola,” says Rick Wiebe, marketing manager for Cargill Specialty Seeds & Oils. “We are pleased to provide growers more specialty canola hybrid options and herbicide options with the introduction of InVigor Health L156H.”

A limited quantity of L156H will be available for the 2014 growing season. Farmers can ask their Cargill Specialty Seeds & Oils authorized dealers for details on obtaining a specialty canola contract and growing L156H.

L156H is the fourth new InVigor canola hybrid introduced by Bayer CropScience for the 2014 growing season. Other new hybrids for the season are L140P - the industry’s first hybrid with pod shatter tolerance; L160S - the first InVigor hybrid with sclerotinia tolerance; and L252 - the first InVigor hybrid with high classic canola oil content.